Getting Inspiration from Doodle Books & Cards

You have to remember that inspiration really can come from anywhere and when it comes to doodle books and cards, you should make not of how everyone goes through childhood at some point. By combining that sense of nostalgia and powerful stories, it can also be possible for even adults to be inspired by such childish drawings. It’s basically the same feeling you get when you go to the Amsterdam zoo or any family park.

As for how a doodle material can be a source of inspiration, this depends on the item and the person. For example, if it’s a doodle book that tackles life lessons, the doodle can help open the person up by making them more vulnerable. After all, people tend to let their guards down when hit with nostalgia, and this can result in them being more open to learning new things.

Inspiring Stories

There are stories that can inspire anyone regardless of the form that it is told and this can be applied to doodle books quite easily. Anyone who has ever read The Little Prince will have no doubt that the form in which a story is told matter less than the substance of the tale itself. Even a boat rental Amsterdam trip can inspire people as long as there is a good story to be had from it.

Rekindling Passions

It’s only normal to forget about the things that they want to be passionate about when they were young, but through doodle books and the like, their passion can be rekindled because they will be reminded of what they were dreaming about when they were younger. At the very least, this will help breathe new life into those who may have forgotten what it was like to truly be alive.

Learning New Lessons

Finally, even as adults, there are always new opportunities to learn things that they might not have known before. People have to consistently evolve or they stagnate, and as silly as doodle books might be at first, they might be surprisingly good as sources of new lessons for people to learn.

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